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Handshake 3: Reflect


Handshake 3: Reflect

Sharon Fitness,  Finding Jewelleryness , 2017, digital moving image. Courtesy of the artist

Sharon Fitness, Finding Jewelleryness, 2017, digital moving image. Courtesy of the artist


To ‘reflect’ can mean both to mirror or to cast back and respond. In this exhibition, 12 jewellers who are a part of the Handshake project were invited to draw connections between the term ‘reflect’ and the self-reflexive nature of contemporary jewellery, which both mimics and counteracts its traditional and commercial counterparts.

Handshake is a contemporary jewellery exchange that links early career New Zealand makers with established, internationally based mentors. Over two years, Handshake participants learn from and collaborate with their mentors as they navigate through a series of exhibitions. Handshake 3 is a combination of selected participants from Handshake 1 and 2. Their exhibition at The Dowse was an opportunity to create new work in a reflective way at the end of their time with this project, while giving audiences the chance to learn more about the nature of contemporary jewellery.

 Handshake 3 included Debbie Adamson, Renee Bevan, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Sharon Fitness, Kelly McDonald, Neke Moa, Amelia Pascoe, Sarah Read, Sarah Walker-Holt, Raewyn Walsh and Kathryn Yeats. To find out more about their journeys visit the Handshake 3 blog.

The Dowse Art Museum | 05 Aug – 03 Dec 2017