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Suburban Dreams


Suburban Dreams

Suburban Dreams, installation view with work by Derrick Cherrie, Joe Sheehan, Susannah Bridges and Glen Hayward. Courtesy of The Dowse Art Museum. Photo by John Lake.


The dream of a nuclear family, in a house to call your own on a quarter acre might be getting harder to reach, but the suburban dream still shapes our national identity.  

Suburban Dreams explored the place of suburbia in our lives, finding significance and complexity in the commonplace. This exhibition asserted that, while suburbia might feel boring at times, it’s a safe place to express yourself, rebel and dream of a world beyond. Challenging stereotypes, Suburban Dreams considered the hopes and difficulties we experience in the places we find ourselves living in.

Artists in Suburban Dreams included Gabrielle Amodeo, Susannah Bridges, Steve Carr, Derrick Cherrie, Ruth Cleland, Glen Hayward, Murray Hewitt, Gina Matchitt, John Lake, Kerry Ann Lee, Richard Orjis,Joanna Margaret Paul, Ian Scott, Joe Sheehan, Kate Small, Yvonne Todd and Robin White.

An interview between Sarah Farrar and I regarding the themes of this exhibition can be read on this website here.

The Dowse Art Museum | 30 Jan – 06 Jun 2016