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Reverie: Contemplative paintings from the colllection

Michael Harrison, Reverie, 2004-2011. Watercolour on paper. Collection of The Dowse Art Museum. Image reproduced courtesy of the artist.


To feel reverie is to be lost in a state of contemplation.

This exhibition brought together a selection of dream-like oil and watercolour paintings from The Dowse’s collection. Reverie showed how—rather than making perfect copies of what they see— these artists have the ability make emotive work that accentuates qualities or feelings they associate with their subjects.

Reverie features works by Joanna Paul, Toss Woollaston, Flora Scales, Michael Harrison, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Olivia Spencer Bower, James Nairn, Gretchen Albrecht and Helen Stewart.

The Dowse Art Museum | 05 Jul – 19 Oct 2014